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Evaluating and Identifying Online Resources

In this weeks blog, I will cite two journals from the Walden University Library database and comment on the value of these resources. Information has a greater impact if it can be embedded into existing, heavily organized, and interconnected knowledge structures. Because of the individual’s limited information processing capacity, attention demanding information will only be […]

Prove it with a prototype

Willie Morris,  posted on:, I really enjoyed the discussion on the two prototypes samples that were presented. As an Instructional designer my ability to provide a learning management system that will provide the end user with practical learning applications is a must. As I continue to work with other team members we try to […]


 The Doorway to Professional Learning Communities The purpose of this assignment was for me to gain practice using a blog as a networking and learning tool by interacting with other instructional designers in an online professional community. As I continue to understand this new technology, I will be able to contribute more effectively. So continue […]