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Blog Assignment: Estimating Costs and Allocating Resource

Project managers must develop budgets in order to obtain the resources needed to accomplish project objectives (Portney, 2008). Allocating the resources and estimating the costs associated with an ID project is a very important aspect of budgeting that requires investigation and allocation of all resources. In my experience over the past two weeks, there were […]

Communicating Effectively

Understanding the different ways that we effectively communicate, interact with, and process information among all project team members, can help us observe the way we interpret the message to mean. We need to find a balance between the different modalities and which conveys the true meaning and intent of the message. Sample piece of communication […]

Learning from a Project “Post-mortem”

Eight month ago, my project manager accepted a tasking for Instructional design development for a government project. The project was given to use from North Division whose project manager abandoned the project to take a new job. Leaving the division and its team members frustrated about what steps to take next, they called upon our […]