Selecting Distance Learning Technologies

by wmorrisblog The real-world example I chose that posed a unique distance learning technology challenge is example #1.  Example 1: Collaborative Training Environment A new automated staff information system was recently purchased by a major corporation and needs to be implemented in six regional offices. Unfortunately, the staff is located throughout all the different offices […]

What is distance learning?

from Morris W – Wmorrisblog’s by wmorrisblog For over 15 years, I have watched the developmental growth of distance learning from the perspective as a student, teacher, and developer. Before taking this course, my definition of distance learning was simply that an individual could be taught, lectured, informed, trained, or advised on a particular subject […]

Happy New Year

This year has really gone by fast to say the least. As I look back I am thankful at the many blessings in my life. I am grateful to be employ by an awesome company. There are those that are less fortunate. I enjoy my career and I am passionate  about what I am able to […]

Learner Motivation

by Willie Morris As I reflect upon a very exciting course, I have learned that students will most likely receive our instruction if they believe that it will help them in their own circumstances.  Students will adapt to the learning tasks if they believe that such responses will truly be useful and productive for them.  […]

Integrating Technology into Instruction Fitting the Pieces Together Now that you have a deeper understanding of the different learning theories and learning styles, how has your view on how you learn changed? As we continue this journey of becoming great Instruction Designer, we should consider the framework of a theory. Each theory will address some […]


Connectivism By Willie Morris How has your network changed the way you learn? My network has truly changed my approach to how I research and develop content for myself personally, as an instructor, and as a student. By learning through social networks that are real-time occurrences in the world today on views of others of […]

Evaluating and Identifying Online Resources

In this weeks blog, I will cite two journals from the Walden University Library database and comment on the value of these resources. Information has a greater impact if it can be embedded into existing, heavily organized, and interconnected knowledge structures. Because of the individual’s limited information processing capacity, attention demanding information will only be […]